Version Notes

What is new in Version 0.9?

  • Individual word pages have been added. Each page shows the related words on a thinkmap.
  • Word search has been added. Specific words can now be experimented.
  • Experiment page shows semantic relations and all the words within the list.
  • Semantic relations helper has been added.
  • The word map and statistics have been paused (They will remain paused until the experiment concludes).

Version 0.3

  • Word List page has been added. It shows the related word and their ranks.

Version 0.2

  • Conduct experiments on subjects and record words and their relatives according to the subjects' subjective approach.
  • Conduct experiments on different group of subjects and compare and contrast their percentage of semantically related words.
  • The algorithm to calculate percentage has been improved.
  • Decontamination has been hidden for protection against trolls. Contact Tuğrul Ertürk to decontaminate and reconduct an experiment.
  • Basic statistics have been added.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.

Planned updates for version 1

  • An improved machine learning algorithm that learns from existing relationships.

Abstract or long term ideas

  • Feed the database with more frequency lists, and add the ability to conduct experiments on a distinct word list
  • User login for experimenters.
  • Removal of decontamination and saving various experiments. This way you can compare the results of different experiments.
  • Comparison of the experiment results against the real semantic corpus data.
  • Increasing or decreasing the range before conducting an experiment.
  • A/B Tests. With this, you will be able to conduct blindfolded experiments (secret experiment groups within the subjects) with two different sets of words (i.e. One group will be fed with words within +-10 range, while the others will receive completely random words)