LexFreq is a machine learning tool created by Tuğrul Ertürk to establish semantic relationships between words. It uses BNC database and word frequency lists compiled by Adam Kilgarriff (RIP).

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How does it work?

  • There are 6318 entries in the frequency list. LexFreq randomly picks a word from the list and shows the unselected words (You can also search for and select a word).
  • If a user selects one or more semantically related word from the list, LexFreq marks them as "Has Relative Within Range."
  • While the experiment is running, LexFreq creates a relation between the words and guesses new relationships with high accuracy.
  • You can view the results at any given time by using search and the individual word's detail page.
  • There is a decontamination option to renew the samples (Because we rely on the human eye to determine the relationship).
  • The quote on the title belongs to Emil Cioran.